Friday, September 24, 2010

Acid Rain!!!

     Bethany Storro, who claimed to be a victim of an acid attack throwing, is now being charged with three counts of theft from those acting as Good Samaritans.  The Washington authorities have issued a warrant for her arrest.  She admitted to the police that she did the damage to herself.  Her story started falling apart.  There were a few inconsistencies in her story like the fact that the acid material didn't appear to be splashed on her face; more like applied.  Plus, the crime scene did not look like any other acid attack crime scene.  She said she bought drain cleaner and applied it to her face with a towel.  She said the first reason that she did it was because she thought it would kill herself, then she thought she could get her face redone with all of the donation money.  You know, all money from people who were concerned and wanted her face to appear somewhat normal again.  She was gonna use it as a way to get free cosmetic surgery.  She didn't think that cops would take it that far.  She thought that after a week or two of not finding the attacker, they would just drop it.  I am speechless.  To go through all of this as way to get free plastic surgery.  Do you think it was worth it?
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