Tuesday, March 22, 2011

If It Doesn't Kill You Then It Will Annoy You...

     Let's vent eh?  I am not a major complainer but I am human.  Things get to me just as much as the next guy or girl.  So let's do it.  I am gonna share with you, things that annoy and irk me.  I hope that you will leave a comment and feel free to add anything that I have missed or that you want to share.  I hope there are a lot of comments on this one because I want to see what everybody thinks is annoying.  It's a learning experience!  Now, in no particular order, here are some of my pet peeves.
     Over analyzing is a good place to start. Oh man, don't you hate it?  You say something like "I thought you were sleeping and that's why I haven't called you yet" and then you hear...  What does that mean?  So what are you trying to say?  You think all I do is sleep?  So are you trying to call me lazy?  I wonder how all of that came out of what I just said.  It is so very annoying.  Maybe it means that I just thought you might be asleep.
     Automated phone systems are another sore point.  They suck.  I take a real disliking to the ones that also use the voice recognition type of technology.  Press or say 1 if you are inquiring about a checking account.  Then, achoooo!  I am sorry, did you say 2?  Press or say 1 if you said 2, press or say 2 if you said something else, or press or say 3 if you want to return to the main menu.  And it goes on and on and on...  How annoying?
     Alarm clock buzzing is exactly what I want to hear in the morning.  This sound is dreaded for different reasons.  It can mean the end of a great weekend on a Monday morning.  It could mean that you gotta get up now and dress for work no matter if you are still tired.  It could also mean that you forgot to shut it off and now you woke up early on a Saturday for nothing.  One thing is for sure, that dreadful tone is unwelcome at my place.  I usually wake up not too long before it goes off for that very reason.  It irks me.
     Slurping annoys me to no end.  For me, Slurping is a very annoying sound that drives me crazy.  It is bad enough for someone to slurp on a cup of coffee or a drink.  But, people will slurp on anything as long as there is any amount of liquid in the food.  Loud annoying slurping sounds while everybody is eating.  I am like, what the ef are you slurping on; it's spaghetti.  This ranks high on the list with me.
     Toilet up splash irritates me too.  It is super funny that it does but it does.  When you are on the toilet and you start dropping bombs and, as you are still sitting there, you feel the water splash up on your ass.  Ewwww, nasty toilet water...  It just makes me mad that the raunchy toilet water hit my skin, not to mention the fact that it is cold.  It makes me feel all dirty.
     That is just a taste of what irks me.  Over analyzing, automated phone systems, alarm clock buzzing, slurping noises when eating (lol), and the infamous toilet up splash are just a few examples of things that get on my nerves.  What annoys you?  I know you wanna tell me.
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