Saturday, January 29, 2011

Acid Rain Update

     This is an "Acid Rain" update. Since Bethany Storro has been accussed of throwing acid on herself and claiming that she was attacked by a black woman, she has appeared in court before a judge to agree to postpone her trial date. The new date is March 9th and she had to waive her right to a speedy trial in order to do so. The trial was postponed due to ongoing negotiations.
     Her face is realluy jacked up! It looks like someone drug her by her face accross uneven pavement. One of the things I can't believe is that people are still using "the black person did it" excuse. I mean come on. Well, let's just hope that she gets what she deserves in March.

Nothing But Net...

Another crazy video that I just had to share with you. I will get back to my usual thought provoking topics after this video. How many points do you think he should get for this amazing shot?  Please comment and let me know.
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