Friday, September 24, 2010

Acid Rain!!!

     Bethany Storro, who claimed to be a victim of an acid attack throwing, is now being charged with three counts of theft from those acting as Good Samaritans.  The Washington authorities have issued a warrant for her arrest.  She admitted to the police that she did the damage to herself.  Her story started falling apart.  There were a few inconsistencies in her story like the fact that the acid material didn't appear to be splashed on her face; more like applied.  Plus, the crime scene did not look like any other acid attack crime scene.  She said she bought drain cleaner and applied it to her face with a towel.  She said the first reason that she did it was because she thought it would kill herself, then she thought she could get her face redone with all of the donation money.  You know, all money from people who were concerned and wanted her face to appear somewhat normal again.  She was gonna use it as a way to get free cosmetic surgery.  She didn't think that cops would take it that far.  She thought that after a week or two of not finding the attacker, they would just drop it.  I am speechless.  To go through all of this as way to get free plastic surgery.  Do you think it was worth it?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

U.S. Soldiers Accused Of Killing Afghan Civilians For Fun....

     Twelve American soldiers are being accused of being a part of a kill team that shot Afghan civilians for fun and collected their fingers as trophies.  Seven of them are also being charged with smoking hashish that they stole from civilians and assaulting a soldier who told authorities what was going on.  Allegedly members of the kill team come from a brigade based in Kandahar. 
     They started discussing killing civilians when a Staff Sergeant Calvin Gibbs arrived there last November.  Apparently, Gibbs bragged about things he got away with in Iraq and talked about how easy it is to kill someone.  Almost like he was looking for soldiers with the same type of mentality. 
     People investigating the case, found that Gibbs and Jeremy Morlock devised a plan to form a kill team.  They allegedly killed three civilians while on patrol over the next few months.  The first was killed by a grenade and gunfire in January.  Gibbs is 25 and Morlock is 22.
     Morlock, Gibbs, and another soldier, Andrew Holmes killed another Afghan while on guard.  Gibbs gave Morlock a grenade that he threw at the Afghan and Holmes shot him.  Holmes is 19.  Later, Morlock told Holmes that they did that for fun and threatened to kill him if he told.  A month later, another victim was shot and killed.  Gibbs shot him and put a gun next to the body to set it up like the innocent civilian shot at him first.
     The Army Times newspaper said that there was one soldier involved in the group that would collect the fingers of victims as some posed for pictures with the dead bodies.  Five soldiers out of the kill team Adam Winfield, Gibbs, Michael Wagnon, Morlock, and Holmes are being accused of aggravated assault and murder along with other charges.  If they are convicted, they face life in prison or the death penalty. 

Andrew Holmes, Michael Wagnon, Jeremy Worlock, and Adam Winfield.

     After a soldier was brutally assaulted, the murders were highlighted because he told authorities that some soldiers were smoking hashish and he also told of soldiers drinking smuggled alcohol.  Gibbs and Morlock beat him for snitching and told him to shut up.  He then told of what he knew about the kill team.  He is an unidentified soldier that was straight out of basic training.
     After the original five were arrested in June, seven others were charged with covering up the assault on the snitch and covering up the killings.  Morlock admitted his involvement in the killings and gave details about the others involved.  Now his lawyer is trying to have the confession thrown out saying his client wasn't coherent because of the use of prescription drugs and traumatic brain injury.
      I think this is outrageous and puts a big blemish on all of the good things that the U.S. military does.  They should definitely be punished to the extent of the law.  There is no excuse for killing innocent individuals.  What do you think?

Monday, September 13, 2010

McDonald's Maniac..!!!

I had to put this on here because it is rare footage of fast food gone bad.  There is no sound for the video but it is self-explanatory.  I have heard some horror stories before but this takes the cake.  One of the funniest things about this; watch when the next car pulls up. Business as  So watch and enjoy!  Let's see how many different reasons we can come up with for her getting so upset.  I will start.  The cashier told her that she was gonna have to pay 50 cents to get one more cup of barbecue sauce for her 20

Friday, September 10, 2010

Don't Discipline Your Child...!

     It used to be that a parent could discipline their child and just expect the silent treatment or an attitude from them.  The child would get over it and basically understand that they were wrong.  Now, you can't be that sure of the kind of reaction you will get.  Assigning chores, grounding, and even setting a curfew can all have fatal consequences.  There have been numerous cases where children have retaliated against their parents just for them being a parent and trying to set the proper guidelines.
     There is a case in Texas where a 12 year old girl and a 13 year old boy are being charged with capital murder in the deaths of Darlene and Alan Nevil.  At first, they were being charged with murder and aggravated assault until Alan died on Thursday.  Capital murder is a higher charge than murder and increases the number of years a juvenile can be locked up before getting a parole hearing.  They won't be eligible until after serving a minimum of 10 years in prison.
     Alan and Darlene Nevil were the parents of the 12 year old girl involved in the shooting.  The daughter came home for lunch with her boyfriend.  They shot her mom in the head and killed her instantly on August 17.  Her step-dad was found bleeding on the neighbors front yard.  He told the cops who shot him and they immediately apprehended the youths.  Alan died September 9th from wounds he suffered in the attack.
     There is really nothing out of the ordinary apparent in this case.  The mom and daughter did have a rocky relationship but nothing that deserved death.  The daughter had threatened to run away before because she said her mom was too strict.  She claimed to be totally in love with her 13 year old boyfriend.  She even stated that he was the best boyfriend that she has ever had.  She is 12 years old; how many boyfriends have she had? 
     It is scary that this is becoming common to kill your parents because of some disagreement.  How did things get out of hand like that?  There have been several cases where the parents didn't like the boyfriend and got murdered for forbidding their daughter to see him.  These children are old enough to know right from wrong so what gives?  They are also old enough to know that when you are dead, you are dead.  Parents have to watch how they discipline their kids now because they never know when they will wake up just as they are getting killed.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

To Burn Or Not To Burn The Qur'an?

    The Qur'an is the main religious text of Muslims.  Muslims believe it is the book of order and divine guidance for all of mankind.  Islam believes that Allah disclosed the Qur'an to the prophet Muhammad, verbally through an angel Jabril, over the course of 23 years.  It basically means to Muslims what the Bible means to Christians.  Needless to say, It is very offensive to intentionally damage or disrespect the Qur'an.
     There is a Reverend in Florida, named Terry Jones, that has very controversial views of the Muslim faith to include the Qur'an.  He has recently gained worldwide attention because he plans to burn copies of the Qur'an to celebrate the September 11th terrorist attacks on the United States.  Some people are praising him as a hero and some people are attacking him as a derelict.  Muslim, Roman Catholic, and Jewish leaders have condemned his plans.  Jones is clinging on to his First Amendment rights and plans to go through with it.  He calls the Qur'an evil because he says it supports something other than the biblical truth and it agitates radical and violent behavior among Muslims.  Jones said that if Muslims wanted to burn Bibles, they would be protected by the First Amendment as well.  He wouldn't like it but he wouldn't threaten to kill them either.
     Jones has been warned by many that if he goes through this, he could endanger himself, U.S. troops and Americans everywhere.  Amid hundreds of death threats, he still says he is going to do it on September 11th.  In Indonesia, Muslims have already held demonstrations, at the U.S. Embassy, and threatened violence should the Reverend go through with it.  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that the plans are outrageous and disgraceful.  She hopes that it is not considered an act of patriotism.  General David Patraeus the U.S. Commander in Afghanistan has even tried to get him to back down.  General Patraeus said that this definitely could endanger U.S. troops, American citizens, and the overall effort in Afghanistan.
     I know that everyone is protected by the Constitution in the United States but does there come a time where it may be detrimental?  And if so, should something be done if it's a matter of national security? I think that's a tough one.  Let's not forget that there are Americans who are Muslim and the fact that not all Muslims are terrorists.  I do not think what the Reverend has planned is smart at all.  Why would you intentionally jeopardize the lives of yourself and others by doing something that in itself is so disrespectful?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Acid Attacks!!!

     Acid throwing is an attack where a person throws acid at the intended targets face.  The acid burns and damages the skin and sometimes dissolves the bones.  Usually they occur in countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Cambodia.  In Asia, these attacks are used as a form of revenge for a woman refusing sex or marriage proposals.  In Cambodia, usually, it's the wife who attacks the "other woman" with a dose of acid.  In Afghanistan, women who decided to attend school were targeted by extremists.  There is basically no good reason for such despicable actions.  Unfortunately, these evil attacks have made their way to the United States.
     Just last Monday, Bethany Storro was attacked by a stranger near a coffee shop in Washington.  The attacker, who was a woman, walked up to her and said, "hey pretty you want to drink?"  Then, she threw a glass of acid in Bethany's face.  Bethany said that her clothes started to dissolve and her face was bubbling and sizzling.  If she had not been wearing sunglasses, she might have lost her eyesight.  The attacker is still unidentified and appeared angry at the time of the incident.
     On September 3, there was another acid attack in the U.S.  This seems like maybe it was a copycat crime of the first one.  This one occurred in Arizona.  Derri Velarde, was the victim of this malicious offense.  She said that she was in the parking lot of her apartment building when a woman splashed a cup of acid in her face and ran.  She had thought the attacker had a cup of water as she approached her.  When the acid hit her face, it started burning.  
     Who would do something so awful?  These attackers are deliberately destroying these women's faces.  How cruel do you have to be?  So far there have only been two attacks in the U.S. and both were committed by people that the victim did not know.  Both women who committed these assaults are still at large. So is this just a coincidence or is this going to spread nationwide?  Hopefully, they are just very unfortunate events that will stop and not become the norm. 

Saturday, September 4, 2010

WARNING!!! Disturbing Video Footage Of A Deranged Nanny: Caution Is Advised!!!

This is a nanny caught on hidden camera video mistreating an 11-month old little boy.  In the video, you will see her kick, slap, and throw things at this helpless child.  When police saw the video, they had enough to charge Jeannine Campbell with battery on an infant.  She is 53 years old.  What in the world was this woman thinking?  As it turned out, the married couple put the camera up after they discovered this same child had a black eye.  So she was whooping him for a while.  What would you do if you discovered something like this?  It's absolutely horrible and I don't think she could run fast enough to get away from me, if that was my child.  The sad thing is that this isn't the first case of a nanny abusing a child that was left in their care.  Quite a few have been caught on "nanny cam" since the invention.  A lot of people already don't trust leaving their child with a nanny or babysitter as it is.  Would you still consider using a nanny to watch your baby?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Golfer Causes A Fire!

     I couldn't pass this story up.  An unidentified golfer started a fire with his golf club.  It happened at Shady Canyon golf Course in California.  He hit a bad shot into the rough (higher grass). Then, on his next shot, he hit a rock causing a spark that ignited the dry grass around him.  The fire spread through the rough and over the hillside that was covered with brush.  By the time it was all said and done, about 150 firefighters were involved.  There weren't any charges pressed against the golfer.  That's crazy!  I have definitely never heard of that before.  I bet if he was looking for a rock to start a fire, while camping, he wouldn't find
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