Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Acid Attacks!!!

     Acid throwing is an attack where a person throws acid at the intended targets face.  The acid burns and damages the skin and sometimes dissolves the bones.  Usually they occur in countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Cambodia.  In Asia, these attacks are used as a form of revenge for a woman refusing sex or marriage proposals.  In Cambodia, usually, it's the wife who attacks the "other woman" with a dose of acid.  In Afghanistan, women who decided to attend school were targeted by extremists.  There is basically no good reason for such despicable actions.  Unfortunately, these evil attacks have made their way to the United States.
     Just last Monday, Bethany Storro was attacked by a stranger near a coffee shop in Washington.  The attacker, who was a woman, walked up to her and said, "hey pretty girl...do you want to drink?"  Then, she threw a glass of acid in Bethany's face.  Bethany said that her clothes started to dissolve and her face was bubbling and sizzling.  If she had not been wearing sunglasses, she might have lost her eyesight.  The attacker is still unidentified and appeared angry at the time of the incident.
     On September 3, there was another acid attack in the U.S.  This seems like maybe it was a copycat crime of the first one.  This one occurred in Arizona.  Derri Velarde, was the victim of this malicious offense.  She said that she was in the parking lot of her apartment building when a woman splashed a cup of acid in her face and ran.  She had thought the attacker had a cup of water as she approached her.  When the acid hit her face, it started burning.  
     Who would do something so awful?  These attackers are deliberately destroying these women's faces.  How cruel do you have to be?  So far there have only been two attacks in the U.S. and both were committed by people that the victim did not know.  Both women who committed these assaults are still at large. So is this just a coincidence or is this going to spread nationwide?  Hopefully, they are just very unfortunate events that will stop and not become the norm. 


  1. That's horrible. I seen some where the face is completely deformed. I'd rather die. urgh

  2. Eventhough nothing surprises me now, I couldn't believe when I saw this. This goes beyond just beating someone up; you are jacking them up for life. I just wonder if it was really random? I think we are gonna find out the attackers knew them somehow. THANKS for the comments!


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