Wednesday, September 8, 2010

To Burn Or Not To Burn The Qur'an?

    The Qur'an is the main religious text of Muslims.  Muslims believe it is the book of order and divine guidance for all of mankind.  Islam believes that Allah disclosed the Qur'an to the prophet Muhammad, verbally through an angel Jabril, over the course of 23 years.  It basically means to Muslims what the Bible means to Christians.  Needless to say, It is very offensive to intentionally damage or disrespect the Qur'an.
     There is a Reverend in Florida, named Terry Jones, that has very controversial views of the Muslim faith to include the Qur'an.  He has recently gained worldwide attention because he plans to burn copies of the Qur'an to celebrate the September 11th terrorist attacks on the United States.  Some people are praising him as a hero and some people are attacking him as a derelict.  Muslim, Roman Catholic, and Jewish leaders have condemned his plans.  Jones is clinging on to his First Amendment rights and plans to go through with it.  He calls the Qur'an evil because he says it supports something other than the biblical truth and it agitates radical and violent behavior among Muslims.  Jones said that if Muslims wanted to burn Bibles, they would be protected by the First Amendment as well.  He wouldn't like it but he wouldn't threaten to kill them either.
     Jones has been warned by many that if he goes through this, he could endanger himself, U.S. troops and Americans everywhere.  Amid hundreds of death threats, he still says he is going to do it on September 11th.  In Indonesia, Muslims have already held demonstrations, at the U.S. Embassy, and threatened violence should the Reverend go through with it.  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that the plans are outrageous and disgraceful.  She hopes that it is not considered an act of patriotism.  General David Patraeus the U.S. Commander in Afghanistan has even tried to get him to back down.  General Patraeus said that this definitely could endanger U.S. troops, American citizens, and the overall effort in Afghanistan.
     I know that everyone is protected by the Constitution in the United States but does there come a time where it may be detrimental?  And if so, should something be done if it's a matter of national security? I think that's a tough one.  Let's not forget that there are Americans who are Muslim and the fact that not all Muslims are terrorists.  I do not think what the Reverend has planned is smart at all.  Why would you intentionally jeopardize the lives of yourself and others by doing something that in itself is so disrespectful?


  1. Burned the book, means, in my viewpoint religous intolerance, ignorance against the Muslins. I don't support anyway of Racism, I'm from Brazil my religion is Christian but I have a lot of muslins friends. Carlos from English Tips (Blog)

  2. what in this world can happen in the mind of a person?....Holy cow!!!! could a person
    be so's a shame....i just can't believe...what a hell's happening in this world

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  4. I think it's wrong, and I'm an Atheist.. I dislike all religions but I would never burn someone's religious books, this is not 1950 and I thought we grew past "burn the 'evil' things" but apparently not.

  5. I do not see any significant him burning the Quran. It is a generalization he made and the fear invested in him that make him to conclude Quran is evil. Try read the Quran .. it is no harm reading it for non-muslim ... I'm a muslim and been thought through the text in Quran ... never in any pages asking us to be a terrorist ...

    In any religious sect, there always a radicals and in muslim sect I cannot say we don't have one ... we have .. but it goes the same with Christian's sect, Buddism sect, Hinduism sect .. this group are everywhere ...

    In average ... people with religion, or even atheist believe in peace and the act from a person of faith like him ... make me to question .. does it solve the problem?

  6. I totally agree with you Iskander! I have not a single problem with any Muslim just because they are Muslim. That's stupid. It's just like any other form of discrimination. People seem to forget that all Muslims are not radical. It is the ones that are radical that make peaceful Muslims look bad. Having a different religion does not make you my enemy. Neither does speaking a different language, dressing different, looking different, or thinking different.

    Thanks everyone! I welcome all comments.

  7. Remember when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor so the US Govt forced all the Japanese Americans to be relocated till after the war? I heard it was because we couldn't risk the chance that they might retaliate here? I know this may be extreme but isn't the way the US does everything so differently these days? We are still the same country as we were back then but everybody is much more "free" to do whatever they chose. Look at the Phelps quack family protesting dead soldiers because it's there right. Don't dead people deserve the right of dinity and respect over them? We can't stop this crazy preacher if we can't stop the Muslims mosque at ground zero or the darn Phelps family.

  8. I've been trying to avoid speaking my mind on this particular topic. Not because I think that what this guy is doing is wrong, I most certainly believe there are better ways to get his point across than perpetuating hate and violence. Mostly I've held my tongue because of all the continued ignorance surrounding the attacks of 9/11. The truth is available to anyone who research the subject with earnestness, and in this case the truth is horrifying when we realize that it wasn't religious extremists that are responsible, but our very own government that we've elected to protect us.

  9. Rachel, I do believe you have brought up a very important point, which sad as it is to even imagine. Could you share some of your links w/ me as I did research this subject long ago and learned probably the same info you did.

  10. One of the above posters mentioned Fred Phelps. It should be noted that Terry Jones and Mr. Phelps have been friends for years and share the same biased views.
    Jones' church has joined Phelps in harassing gays and Jews and Mr. jones plans to burn the Talmud next.
    He is NO friend of the right.

  11. Hi, thank you for the add of my blog to your blog list. Great to see you doing so well with visitors.

    As for book burning I can't say I agree with it, even if a book is so bad it should be kept so others can read it for themselves and judge.

    Maybe that is one good thing about the internet unless servers crash what you write will never be lost.

    Blogging gives us all a complete freedom of speech which can't be burnt away, it does mean we have to be responsible though.

    anyway, thats enough from me. if people would like to become part of my million connections project pop over and connect with my blog.

  12. He is defeating his own purpose by drawing attention away from 9/11

  13. Can anyone just take this pastor to the asylum hospital? i Believe The real christian ppl are open minded.. I'm a moslem but my christian friends dont agree bout burning quran... this pastor is sick!

  14. In America, we are protected by freedom of speech - true. We all are entitled to our opinions and we can give them freely. However, as a Christian, I feel it's our duty to try to win those who are opposed to our faith to Christ instead of insighting more hatered by fueling their radical teachings by doing something inappropraite. We don't live in the Dark Ages and shouldn't act like it. God will have the ultimate say in the end...anyway.

  15. I feel it is wrong and he should not do it. It is certainly disrespectful to the moderates of the Muslim religion.

    Although I do not understand why everyone is making such an issue about it. How many times has burnings happened? It is like a right of passage for extremists in all forms and not just in religious sects.

    From the burning of bras, crosses, flags, books etc and so on it has gone on for a long time and probably will continue to because it is their Constitutional right.

    I quote "The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution will cover the Rev Terry Jones, in the same way it allows the Ku Klux Klan to burn crosses and for protesters to torch the American flag."

    Just Monday several hundred Afghans rallied outside a Kabul mosque burning American flags and I do not hear anyone complaining about that.

    If they decided to burn the bible for any kind of any religion as I said earlier it would be disrespectful but really who are we to worry about it? Governments allow it to happen, they should probably start re-writing some things I think.

    I love being Free but at what price does that Freedom come when it allows such horrendous things to be done in the name of any religion or protest or because it is one's Constitutional right?

    Also why is it so many jump to defense of the Mosque being built near ground zero saying it is their Constitutional right even though it is insensitive and disrespectful but say the Pastor is wrong for burning the Qur'an even though he has a Constitutional right to do so? Seems like a double standard to me.

    Obviously this is simply the first of many more radical ludicrous ideas that will come about from people who are upset about the Mosque being built just to prove a point about what Constitutional right is or their right to exercise it in insensitive and disrespectful ways.

    I think we so have not seen the worst yet. I fear many more bad things will be coming our way this is just a mere drop in the bucket.

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