Friday, September 10, 2010

Don't Discipline Your Child...!

     It used to be that a parent could discipline their child and just expect the silent treatment or an attitude from them.  The child would get over it and basically understand that they were wrong.  Now, you can't be that sure of the kind of reaction you will get.  Assigning chores, grounding, and even setting a curfew can all have fatal consequences.  There have been numerous cases where children have retaliated against their parents just for them being a parent and trying to set the proper guidelines.
     There is a case in Texas where a 12 year old girl and a 13 year old boy are being charged with capital murder in the deaths of Darlene and Alan Nevil.  At first, they were being charged with murder and aggravated assault until Alan died on Thursday.  Capital murder is a higher charge than murder and increases the number of years a juvenile can be locked up before getting a parole hearing.  They won't be eligible until after serving a minimum of 10 years in prison.
     Alan and Darlene Nevil were the parents of the 12 year old girl involved in the shooting.  The daughter came home for lunch with her boyfriend.  They shot her mom in the head and killed her instantly on August 17.  Her step-dad was found bleeding on the neighbors front yard.  He told the cops who shot him and they immediately apprehended the youths.  Alan died September 9th from wounds he suffered in the attack.
     There is really nothing out of the ordinary apparent in this case.  The mom and daughter did have a rocky relationship but nothing that deserved death.  The daughter had threatened to run away before because she said her mom was too strict.  She claimed to be totally in love with her 13 year old boyfriend.  She even stated that he was the best boyfriend that she has ever had.  She is 12 years old; how many boyfriends have she had? 
     It is scary that this is becoming common to kill your parents because of some disagreement.  How did things get out of hand like that?  There have been several cases where the parents didn't like the boyfriend and got murdered for forbidding their daughter to see him.  These children are old enough to know right from wrong so what gives?  They are also old enough to know that when you are dead, you are dead.  Parents have to watch how they discipline their kids now because they never know when they will wake up just as they are getting killed.


  1. I don't think the problem is that parents are disciplining their kids too much...I think the problem is that they aren't disciplining correctly. Discipline has to start when they are very young. Once they are older they will know right from wrong and less discipline will be needed, it will be more about giving advise and guidance.

  2. Please don't get me wrong. I was being sarcastic when I said that parents can't discipline their kids or even implied that parents were too strict. Children have been using ridiculous reasons to come up with the idea to off their parents. I don't get it. But, it is happening more and more often.

    Everyone thanks for the comments!

  3. My brother and I used to get the belt from our mom. When she was too drunk to be bothered, she'd let the maid whip us. The maid never whipped me, but she got my brother! LOL. Granny is still alive, and still likes to drink regularly. I never whipped my kids, but they were raised by a better mother than I was. Plus, they behaved better than I did!!! :)

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  5. Well, I tend to think cases like this are a result of bad parenting. Why would a child of 12 even be dating? That's the first clue.

    Others are the young children having access to the gun and the daughter having enough hatred in her heart for her parents to actually kill them. Not saying they deserved to die, but if the child was in an abusive/neglectful home, maybe she wasn't mature enough to understand there are better options.

    Interesting topic, though.

  6. I would like to lean towards bad parenting but a lot of times, there's no abusive behavior that comes out. The first option is kill and that disturbs me. Why not just run away? It's not a "great" idea but it's an option. Or let's wait until 18 so you can leave and not have to deal with your parents rules. Even with parents that let their kids run wild; it's hard to see how killing comes up.

    Everyone thanks for all the input! I really appreciate the different points of view.

  7. I have often jokingly said that my mom would have possibly been arrested. No! I was never abused. Spanked with convenient objects yes. Deserved. Absolutely! My mom became a single mom raising two young daughters. Geez! I marvel at the job she has done with us! To this day, I respect my mom. Initially it was out of fear. Now, (and for years) it was birthed out of admiration. I can't fathom how you snitch on, report, disrespect, harm let alone kill the person or people that either gave you life or gave you a roof over your head. Maybe I am crazy & everyone else is sane. If so...I'll stay crazy thank you. Admittedly, I am a little special! Hee hee:~). Thanks for such a thought provoking post. I'm going to call my mom & say thank you....again!

    Jacqui Dobens

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  9. Hi Ricky, In my opinion, the discipline has been taught to children since they are very small.
    So once they had formed mature discipline in them.

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  11. really it is part of the ever expanding entitled society...people are AFRAID to discipline their own children...Can you go overboard? Sure too many have but look at what NO discipline has wrought...KIDS who think its okay to call social services if you look at them wrong...OR KILL YOU
    I started early disciplining my children and so far they are just fine...Never really hurt them But I spanked their buts when needed....And now they are too big so I just take away the cell phone the games, etc...No kid or teen deserves the right to treat the people who have provided for them that way...They ARE NOT ENTITLED TO THAT...

  12. Those teens are very troublesome, they even killed two people. I think parents should study well the behavior of their teens before they apply the type of discipline they will use. But to be sure try sending them in teen boot camps, military school or Christian schools.

  13. The way we handle our teens is like this kind of disciplinary actions for troubled teen. We talk about what they're doing wrong and what they should be doing instead, we distract, we redirect. We try to figure out ways to prevent certain things from happening over and over again. We don't spank.


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