Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Phone Sex...

     Phone sex is basically sexually explicit conversation usually just between two people via telephone while one or both of the participants masturbate.  Phone sex can involve people who are together in a relationship or total complete strangers that met over the telephone.  It can be exciting to fantasize with a person with whom you have been intimate with or a stranger that either is horny or that you share the same sexual compatibility.  Phone sex does not include physical contact between the two people. Couples could use it when they are far apart in distance and can't be together physically.  Like most taboo or sexual things, there is a stigma that goes along with phone sex just like that of masturbation.  people that do it or have tried it, don't usually talk about it in public. 

     Phone sex is a billion dollar industry.  It has been thriving since the advent of 1-900 and 1-800 phone lines that provide dirty talk for a fee per minute.  People, predominately women, can be employed as phone sex operators and work from home or at a designated office.  They simply talk dirty to people who call for sexual gratification through masturbation.  Women are usually employed but there are some men working for alternative chat lines.  There are some local chat lines that are advertised as dating lines where you can call and possibly find someone who you can have a relationship with.  Maybe.  However, don't be surprised to find people who are looking for phone sex.  There are usually only amateurs on this type of chat line.  These type of phone lines are free for women but men have to pay a fee after the initial free trial is over. 
     There are different reasons that people engage in phone sex.  One reason is being sexually unhappy at home but not wanting to physically cheat.  Another is not being able to find a sexual partner in person due to their appearance or fear of sexually transmitted diseases or STD's.  Some people just might not have the time for finding an appropriate sexual partner and find mutual masturbation as a better option than settling for someone out of lust.  Sexual fantasy is another thing that might make phone sex appealing.  Some people might get turned on by the idea of a sexual act but don't want to incorporate it into their bedroom.  Embarrassment is another possible reason for participating in phone sex.  A person could be embarrassed by their sexual desires such as domination, cross-dressing, homosexuality, or any other desire not socially accepted.  And last but not least, some people just plain like dirty talk in their lives as an enhancement to sexual pleasure and have yet to find that kind of verbal stimulation in a sexual partner.

     Phone sex is a widely used but not socially accepted way to enhance mutual masturbation.  It is a billion dollar industry but there are many amateurs that enjoy it just the same.  I feel that it definitely can help out when a couple is separated or if a person just wants to fantasize while masturbating.  People can live out fantasies of interracial sexcapades, role playing, being degraded, domination, public sex, group sex or any other sexual fantasy without the stigma.  I personally feel that there is nothing wrong with it.  Many people don't even admit that they masturbate and there is nothing wrong with doing that as well.  When skype came out, that made things even more interesting but I need a whole different post to get into that one...lol.  What do you think about it? Have you ever one it (I don't expect too many people to admit it)?  I will honestly say that I have done it and I like it.  So download skype or grab your phones and enjoy!

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