Saturday, August 21, 2010

What's Up With China?

     In ths day and age, the only major threats, to the U.S., that are given much credibility are terrorist groups such as Al-Qaida.  However, after researching for a book that I am curently writing, I found out that there is a country that Americans should watch carefully.  There is a country that seems to be hiding like a wolf in sheeps clothing; just waiting for the right opportunity to strike. But why has the issue not come up often and why is the U.S. on somewhat friendly terms with them?
     The People's Republic of China, also known as China, is the second largest country in the world according to population.  Their economy has just become the second largest economy in the world behind the U.S.  China's economic and military advancements have been pretty dramatic over the past decade.  China has used this economic growth to fund the expansion of offensive and defensive military capabilities.  So what brings me to consider China as a threat to U.S. national security?
     The Chinese have been very clear of their intensions, through the years, with different statements, threats, and speeches aimed towards the U.S.  There was a speech made by the Chinese Minister of Defense where he talked about solving the issue of America.  He also talked about how China must put up with America and conceal their ultimate goals; hide capabilities and await the right opportunity.  He spoke of cleaning up America by using biological weapons to eliminate mass populations.  He admitted that they are willing to kill one to two hundred million Americans to secure a victory.  In the recent past, the Chinese have even threatened to drop a nuke on Los Angeles if we interfered with the Chinese invasion of Taiwan.
     Why has the U.S. been so tolerant with all of this aggressive rhetoric coming from China?  To make it even worse, the U.S. has sought to broaden cooperation with China. Why?  Well, one reason is that China has a lot of influence over the American economy.  In order to fund the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, we sold government bonds abroad.  China has purchased a bunch of those bonds because it is a good investment for them.  When bonds are purchased, it is basically giving the government a loan.  Should China cash in those bonds, it would cripple the U.S. economy into a depression.  Nobody wants that to happen.  The economy already went into a recession and is still trying to recover. 
     Another reason is the fact that many influential government leaders are involved with businesses that conduct business in China.  Since China has more consumers than any other country in the world, people salavate at the prospect of doing business in China.  If you cause problems for the Chinese government or publicly embarass them, then you will not do business in China. 
     The Chinese are in a position to cripple our economy and have built up their military as if preparing for war.  They have been more cooperative recently than in past years.  Both countries have reasons to keep things civil when relating to one another; however, we are one of their natural enemies.  So what's next in this akward relationship?  Are the Chinese doing as their Minister of Defense suggested; concealing their ultimate goals of destroying America by playing nice and waiting for the right opportunity?  I guess we will all find out.


  1. I'm with you 100% here! China should most definitely be feared! And it seems that we are not paying attention to them... at least not in the right way.

    I have heard that the US has borrowed money from China to pay off debts... if this is true, and with our economy the way it is now, we won't be able to make repayment... if China decides to call in our notes, they will own us!

  2. Yes, we didn't directly borrow from them but they bought government bonds from us which is just like a loan. They get the bond(piece of paper) and we got the cash. They can cash those bonds in at any time, then we have to give them the money.

  3. Ricky, Morning.

    I follow China pretty close myself, especially economically and militarily and well yes they have grown in both ways and we have financed most of it by our trade it does put them in a situation to where if they were to either attack us or financially pull the plug it would hurt them just as bad. Economically they are feeling the pinch due to our down turn int he economy as they have Idled thousands of their manufacturing companies, usually a good indicator of how close two countries are is to looks at their trade and right now we have a very symbiotic relationship.

    Militarily I only see them as a regional power (for now), and while they are building up to have a carrier battle group they are not yet there, I worry more about their diesel electric subs. Now granted the do have their chemical weapons and their nukes but they also know that to use them brings in MAD, mutually assured destruction that came out of the cold war and the same principal still applies, they may kill us but we still have more then enough to reciprocate. Pulling out the chemical or nuclear is suicide.

    In retrospect I think a lot of what we see is just for show and posturing, everyone wants the big stick but they are also very careful in using it, China has a long memory and I am sure they remember getting their backside handed to them buy the Japanese and the US saving them during the last war. Time will tell though. China is an awakening country so it will be interesting to see where they go.

  4. Chinese demand for ivory, and rhino horn, as well as other animals for Traditional Chinese Medicine, is stripping parts of the world of wildlife. Tigers in the wild critically endangered. Over 330 rhino killed in R.S.A. last year endangering the existance of the species.
    Chad's elephants being wiped out , ivory traded for Chinese weapons to further conflict in that reason.
    In countries that have allowed Chinese in to build roads, operate mines, elephant poaching has surged
    It is about time, travel boycotts are organised to force them to bring a change in their TCM fuelled destruction of wildlife around the world.

  5. I agree with Scott.. they are a threat much like Russia was.. but the same deterents are in one wants total destruction of both countries.

  6. We deserve to be destroyed. In our plight for cheaper and cheaper chinese garbage products, we have managed to outsource every job meant for our 44% high school dropouts, built mega monopoly companies and complain incessantly about the state of our economy while we get stuck in the doors of our local wal-wart. Give me convenience or give me death.


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