Friday, February 11, 2011

Free Egypt!!!.

     How important will this day wind up being in world history?  I am happy for Egyptian people everywhere; especially the ones who wanted President Mubarak out.  This is a good example for other nations as far as running a generally peaceful protest on such a wide scale.  I followed this story but I never wrote about it because it was forever changing.  Hundreds of thousands of protesters in Cairo rejoiced Friday when vice president, Omar Suleiman reported that Hosni Mubarak had decided to officially step down.  There were chants of "Egypt is free! Egypt is free!"  The protest lasted for 18 days straight.  The vice president said that the military would assume power.  Field Marshal Mohammed Hussein Tantawi, commander-in-chief of the armed forces, has taken control.  It was rumored that Mubarak would step aside but when he gave his speech Thursday, he was acting as though all of the protests hadn't taken place.  This confused many people.  I think that he just didn't want to give it up and initially thought he could just wait out the will of the people.  The protesters had demanded the departure of the prime minister, the parliament, the vice president, and the president.  They also said that thy didn't want a military-led government.  I guess four out of five isn't bad.  It will be interesting to see what comes out in the wash.  How quick will the people disperse and return to their homes?  Will they still wait it out until they have all of their demands met or will Mubaraks ousting be enough for now?  I hope that all of the hard work will pay off in the end.  The people have spoken and the whole world saw it unfold.  Will this prompt other Arab nations to action?


  1. I understand that the military wanted him to leave. Once he had lost their support that was the end for him. Good post.

  2. I would not exactly say that Egypt is free, they still have to pick a government. There will be some uncertainty here for a while. This is far from over and it could still get very ugly especially if you have a heavily Islamic run leadership.

  3. Congratulations to Egypt. As they move forward, I just hope that they are familiar with history. If anyone of you has ever read "Animal Farm", you know that things can either get better or worse, depending on the path they choose to follow. I just hope and pray that whoever comes in next will choose the right path and lead Egypt to bigger and better things.


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