Sunday, March 20, 2011


    An avatar is a personalized graphic that represents a person.  There are pretty much two types: those used in forum like situations on websites and those used in gaming.  I am not a big gamer so I am going to talk about those that are found on websites.  A website usually offers a way for you to upload a file to use as an avatar to represent yourself.  It could be a real life photo of yourself or just an image that you think represent you or your business.  In Hindu mythology, an avatar is a deity that has taken on an earthly form such as a human.  Humans have created virtual worlds and the computer avatar represents human incarnation in that world.
     People choose different photos and images to represent them on the computer.  Some people choose a logo maybe to give them a recognizable brand.  Some people choose to use a celebrities photo because maybe they want to remain anonymous or they just simply like that person that much.  Others use their own photo as their avatar.  I must admit that this is my favorite.  I don't take a lot of pictures so when I get a chance to show my face then, I will jump at the chance.  I like to see the person that I am interacting with on line.  I am talking just a personal amateur picture taken that shows off their face.  There are also people who like to create a cartoonish version of themselves as an avatar.  The ones that I dislike the most, are the generic avatars that are given to you before you upload yours.  I guess hate is a strong word; let's say dislike.  I feel it just shows a special kind of laziness (sorry if that is you).
     So what is your avatar of and why?  And which ones do you like the most?  I probably missed a few so just let me know. 


  1. Well since you put it that way. I like this avatar that I made. She does have some of my traits in the picture. I'm always reading and she has a magazine in her hand. Although you can't see the whole picture. She is at the library and I am always doing research. she has short hair because I had cut my hair this short one time. She looks knowledgeable because I am. So, do you think she represents me?

  2. No surprise I use one of my images and what is surprising is I have seen a few other photographers use the same pose for theirs. It tells you something about us I guess.

  3. No avatars for me yet - just myself and more me : ) Kriti -


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