Saturday, March 26, 2011

My First Love...

    I like to dabble in poetry from time to time.  Especially for that significant other that I might have at the time.  I was up late, as usual, and I felt poetic so here goes...

My first love, really knew how to sing.
My first love, was the sexiest little thing.
My first love, enjoyed many cheap thrills.
My first love, always gave me major chills.
My first love, I used to admire her from afar.
My first love, I wonder if you know who you are?
My first love, will always be special to me.
My first love, there's nobody else I'd want her to be.
My first love, has a special place in my heart.
My first love, why did it all fall apart?
My first love, it was exciting to discover.
My first love, there will never be another.
My first love, we had a lot of fun in bed.
My first love, forever dances in my head.


  1. Very nice. First loves will always be special

  2. One never forgets his/her first love.Your poem is sweet n sad.Thanks for sharing.

  3. We never really forget do we lol? There is a great song called unanswered prayers that talks to this. Enjoyed it ,Nice work Ricky

  4. Thanks everyone for commenting! Nope,we never forget tthat first one that gets us. And, @Sulekkha, it is sad because it is called first for a reason; because this one has gone and others have come along.

    Thanks Jim, it is always good to see you.

    Rimly, you are absolutely right. No further comment in order to not incriminate

  5. This is very sweet. I'm sure she remembers you just the same. :-)

  6. Great poem Ricky... Wonder if first loves mean more to men than women ...

  7. @Tameka...Thanks! Yeah, I bet she I appreciate you taking the time out to read and comment.

    @Debbie...Thanks! Do you think they would mean more to guys? I guess it depends on how it ended up. Glad to see you stopped by.

  8. How sweet, I love that it's so innocent and yet so sweet.
    I am following your blog, would love a follow back. :-)

  9. First loves - aaaahhhh! Never can there be a second first love can there? Good one!

  10. you never know...your first love could return after many years...and wouldn't that be something, to relight the candle with your first love...ahhhh :)


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