Sunday, November 27, 2011


Why do I think this EBOOK is worth your hard earned $15 - $10 if you are one of the first 1,000 to reserve a copy???  Well, if you know somebody who has been cooped up in a hospital room, or has fallen in love unexpectedly, or has been scared or confused then, this would be a GREAT gift any day of the year.  Anyone will totally relate to this story. 
     My name is Ricky and I grew up in the 1980's.  It was a more fun and a lot safer time.  I was heavily into football and college basketball -- Go HEELS!  I wanna write some feel good and inspirational stories; possibly even a movie script.  I'm trying to bring that fun, comfortable, and safe feeling back in this morbid time of fear and turmoil.  So feel free to sample some of my writing on my blog.  My blog is here but if this is posted elsewhere then it's at  There I have excerpts of the first draft posted and you can even follow my twitter account at!/Rickysnewbook  I made it especially for giving insight about my writing, thinking, and the EBOOK.  I promise it will be a way to get the most for your $10; as one of the first 1,000 readers/buyers.  The money is for the appreciation of what I am sharing in the book about my life, because it's a great true story, because everything I make on this one is gonna help fund my next project, and because everyone that reserves a copy is going to get $5 off my next book.  My next book is an action thriller about what would happen if China flexed its muscles in the U.S.  It came to me in a dream.  If for nothing else, thanks for your time and thanks in advance for buying my EBOOK!  The official release date is slated for February 20, 2012 but I will update on my blog, twitter, and email if I get the editing done earlier; maybe in time for Christmas.  Please leave your email address below where I can give updates and information on my ebook and release date.  AGAIN THANK YOU ALL!

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